Tom Muller Lifetime Achievement Award

The Tom Muller Lifetime Achievement Award, the most prestigious award created and bestowed by the Washington / Alaska chapter is in recognition of individuals that have made significant efforts in advancing the goals of the chapter over the course of their career and membership in HFMA. Tom Muller was the first recipient of this award after his retirement in 2005. Tom had spent (and continues to spend) countless hours and significant efforts as a chapter volunteer over the span of many years. Tom’s tireless dedication and effort consistently helped advance the chapter’s goal of service to its members. This recognition is to be awarded at the sole discretion of the chapter board when and if they determine a member has contributed such extraordinary efforts to the chapter.

  • 2005 Thomas E. Muller, FHFMA
  • 2010 Gregg H. Terreson, FHFMA, CPA
  • 2013 Allan B. Hanson, FHFMA, CPA
  • 2015 Lori J. Mitchell, CPA
  • 2017 Julie L. Meek, FHFMA