2017-2018 President’s Message – Passionate Volunteerism

/Jan 1, 2017/ Rik Lewis-HFMA Chapter President

Thank you for being a member of the Washington/Alaska HFMA chapter!   For those of you who are new to the chapter, welcome! For those of you that have been around for a while, yes it is me again.  About every 10 years or so this happens with the President’s role…I was asked to stay on as President for a 2nd year and Peggi Ann Amstutz agreed to stay on as immediate Past-President.

A year ago I wrote an article about passionate volunteerism…something I feel strongly about.   Volunteerism is not enough…you can volunteer for a variety of reasons, but without a passion, it is just another job, another task that we wonder why we raised our hand and said yes.   Without passion and commitment, HFMA is just another association that over time loses its value to membership.

I’m thankful that HFMA National is recognizing that we can’t do business as usual.  Annually, in the late summer, your chapter president and president-elect attend the fall President meetings…typically it is a three-day meeting where we meet as a group by region to discuss our challenges that the region executives share at their annual meeting for planning.   I think for the first time in years, the HFMA National Board is addressing the significant issues we deal with at a state (or states in our case) level!   Many changes are in the works…HFMA is recognizing that it is not just about growth of membership, but the quality of the membership and engagement.   Providing administrative tools to help reduce the day to day tasks is in the works…it is referred to “Chapter 2.0”.  Values over metrics!

We are fortunate to have great, young vibrant leadership coming up the chapter ranks…Becky Littke will be a fantastic president next year…your leadership team is committed to work hard to provide membership value.   We continue to expand our early careerist program and we are getting ready to roll out a mentoring program.   Providing meaningful and engaging education is our number one goal…without it, the other benefits of membership just don’t stand up!

Our leadership is continuingly challenged by what I like to refer to as three different states…western & eastern Washington and of course, our friends to the north in Alaska.  All three “states” have different goals and perspectives…we will continue to do our best to serve all of you!

In closing, I want to thank you for your membership, engagement and participation…without you, our chapter doesn’t exist!   I am humbled by the opportunity to serve a second year as your president…please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can be of service!

Rik Lewis, 61st President – Washington-Alaska HFMA
VP, Health Information Management Sales
Healthcare Resource Group

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