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Explore the history of HFMA’s Washington-Alaska Chapter.

The Washington – Alaska Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association has a long and storied history.  Our roots trace back to our Charter date on October 22, 1953, beginning as the Washington Chapter of the American Association of Hospital Accountants (AAHA).  Our inaugural 4 Officers, 8 Directors and 28 Chapter members are listed in a 1953, Special Report to Members and Prospective Members of the Washington Chapter issued by the Chapter’s 1st President, Carl Ibach.

In 1955 our Chapter was the winner of the AAHA Graham Davis Award and we received a commemorating gavel that is still used by our Chapter Presidents today.  In 1962 the World’s Fair, held in Seattle, brought recognition to our region and was used in our Chapter’s communications.  During this time, healthcare finance issues sounded somewhat similar as today.  Internal controls, cost control, purchasing, depreciation, funding of depreciation, pricing and the fellowship examination were all upcoming program topics listed in a February 1962 Chapter Bulletin.

In the decades that followed, our Chapter continued to evolve.  By 1987 HFMA had 35 members residing in Alaska and Washington Chapter President, Hermann Goeppele, recommended at the Annual Presidents Meeting on June 22, 1987 that Alaska be formally included as part of the Washington Chapter.  At this meeting, the Chapter was directed to survey the Alaska members to solicit approval, obtain Chapter expansion approval from the national Board, have Chapter membership approve the bylaw change by vote and the have the Chapter Board formally adopt the bylaw revision.   In 1988 the name of the Washington Chapter was officially changed to the Washington – Alaska Chapter.  Please read the correspondence documenting the history of this momentous event for further information.

Over the decades, the national organization continued to evolved also.  In 1968, the American Association of Hospital Accountants national organization changed its name to Hospital Financial Management Association, and in 1982, changed its name to Healthcare Financial Management Association.  Throughout the history of AAHA and HFMA which began in 1945, our Chapter has produced two chief executives leading the national organization:

  • Clarence F. (Joe) Legel, FHFMA, 1976-77 President
  • Lori J. Mitchell, FHFMA, CPA, 1998-99 Chairman

For detailed history of the national organization, please read the book From Acorn to Oak, which chronicles the AAHA/HFMA national organization from 1945-1991, and the book From Acorn to Oak and Beyond, which adds to HFMA history through 2006.

Our Chapter has been built on incredible volunteer efforts.  Many of our volunteer Chapter members have been recognized by various awards throughout our history.  Please enter the virtual halls to the right to view the Chapter’s awards and history museum.


We know accountants. Just in case you need proof of organization, check out HFMA Washington-Alaska Chapter’s founding documentation.

> Special Report to Members and Prospective Members of the Washington Chapter
> February 1962 Chapter Bulletin
> Recommendation to Formally Include Alaska As Part of the Washington Chapter
> From Acorn to Oak
> From Acorn to Oak and Beyond


In addition to our longstanding reputation with the Washington-Alaska healthcare industry, we are proud of the efforts our volunteers put forth each year. Make sure to explore our awards and our volunteer’s awards here!

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Past Presidents

1953-54 Carl Ibach 1974 Dave Millsap 1995 Julie L. Meek 2016-17 Rik Lewis
1955 Sister Loretta Marie 1975 Robert Ashback 1996 Teresa V. Bigelow
1956 Alice Sandstrom 1976 W. Alexander Ford 1997 Virginia L Rhodes
1957 Walter Huber 1977 John F. Tiscornia 1998 Keith E. Mock
1958 A. William Morris 1978 Anna Reinhold 1999 Craig W. Goodrich
1959 Robert O. Byrnes 1979 Jim Mefford 2000 Scott Nelson
1960 J. Douglas Howell 1980 Travis R. (Terry) Stone 2001 Anne Stallard
1961 Warren Bestwick 1981 Raymond L Raines 2002 Thomas Dingus
1962 Maurice A. Click 1982 Daniel P. Harden 2003 Robert Hinman
1963 Kenneth Squier 1983 Shirley J. Hondel 2004 Gregg H. Terreson
1964 Sister Joan Marie 1984 Lori J. Mitchell 2005 Eric S. Teshima
1965 Clarence (Joe) F. Legel 1985 Ned Borgstrom 2006 John B. Nutter
1966 Helen Maddex 1986-87 Hermann Goeppele 2007-08 Greg M. Moga III
1967 Gordon Stavig 1988 Sue Childers 2009 Grant Baumgartner
1968 Calista Peters 1989 Larry Woodruff 2010 Jim Heilsberg
1969 Sister Mary Lucy 1990 Jim Rowson 2011 Bradley L. Becker
1970 Ray W. Nierman 1991 Libbie Loux 2012 Cathy A. LeMay
1971 John Peschek 1992 Allan B. Hanson  2013 Carla Dewberry
1972 George Telfer 1993 T.D. (Sam) Baxter  2014 Charlie Brown
1973 Paul LeBrun 1994 Anne M. McBride  2015 Peggi Ann Amstutz