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Get certified. Get recognized.

Benefits of Certification

Becoming certified distinguishes you as a leader and high-level professional in the healthcare finance industry. It reflects a deep personal commitment and sense of accountability that inspires credibility and confidence in your professional knowledge. Through HFMA Certification Programs, you can show your dedication to high industry standards.


  • Validate your skills and knowledge
  • Enhance your credibility in the industry
  • Support your professional development
  • Demonstrate a high level of commitment to the field

Learn more about each of the following HFMA Certifications at  www.hfma.org/certification



Would you like to learn more regarding the benefits of certification, certification options, or study assistance? Contact our organization’s local certification representative!



Certified Revenue Cycle Representative Program (CRCR)

The CRCR program provides the necessary framework to help set standards of performance and build technical expertise across the entire revenue cycle.  By becoming certified in the CRCR program, you have the credentials that prove you have achieved a high-level of revenue cycle knowledge and excellence.

Certified Technical Specialist (CTS) Program

The CTS programs help mid-level managers expand their functional skills, knowledge, and prepare for certification programs like the CHFP or FHFMA. Available to HFMA members and non-members. These programs are offered in the following areas: Accounting & Finance, Physician Practice Management and Managed Care.

Certified Healthcare Financial Professional® (CHFP)

The CHFP® is geared toward financial professionals, clinical and nonclinical leaders, and payers – all those positions require a deep understanding of the new financial realities of healthcare. CHFP certification demonstrates your qualifications to senior management, co-workers, and the industry highlighting your commitment to the profession and to maintaining up-to-date skills and knowledge.

Fellow of the Healthcare Financial Management Association® (FHFMA)

Achieving the FHFMA® recognizes your exemplary educational achievement, professional accomplishments and volunteer leadership and service in the healthcare finance industry. By earning the right to include the FHFMA designation among your credentials, you let colleagues and the industry know that you have been welcomed into a leading organization of healthcare finance professionals. Fellowship is open to financial management executives and other healthcare finance professionals.


Washington-Alaska HFMA is proud to recognize the following individuals for achieving their CHFP:

  • Lori Alvarez, CHFP
  • Paul Babcock, CHFP
  • Gary Bartlett, FHFMA
  • Grant Baumgartner, FHFMA
  • Bradley Becker, FHFMA
  • Timothy Blanchard, FHFMA
  • Cynthia Brandt, CHFP,CPA
  • David Buob, CPA, CHFP
  • Tamara Cesena, CHFP
  • Ying-Tsin Chen, CHFP
  • Elaine Clement, CHFP, RN, MS
  • Jason Coffin, CHFP
  • Sandra Conner, CHFP
  • Holly Copeland, CHFP
  • John Craig, FHFMA
  • Michael Cross, FHFMA, CPA
  • Duane De Luca, FHFMA
  • Joseph DeMeo, FHFMA, CPA
  • Troy Donoviel, CHFP
  • Sean Douglas, CHFP,CPA
  • Annette Edwards, CHFP,CPA
  • Will Erickson, CHFP
  • Lori Everett, FHFMA
  • Michele Fisher, CSMC, CHFP
  • Niall Foley, CHFP
  • Maryann Freepartner, CHFP
  • Donald Gosnell, CHFP
  • Richard Gould, FHFMA
  • Dustin Greer, CHFP, CPA
  • Allan Hanson, FHFMA, CPA
  • Spencer Harris, CHFP
  • James Heilsberg, FHFMA
  • Paul Holden, FHFMA
  • Jane Hopke, CHFP
  • James Hopkins, FHFMA
  • Bruce Houlihan, CHFP
  • Timothy Howden, FHFMA
  • Charles Hutchings, CHFP, CPA
  • Wally Jenkins, CHFP
  • Scott Kennedy, CHFP
  • Lynn Kennington, MBA, CPA, FHFMA
  • Natalia Kohler, CHFP
  • Stephen Krause, CHFP
  • Karen Krug, FHFMA, CPA
  • Clarence Legel, FHFMA
  • Kerri Lenderman, CHFP
  • Becky Littke, FHFMA
  • Elisabeth Loux, FHFMA
  • Jesse Maier, CHFP, CPA
  • Kami Matzek, CHFP
  • William McCoy, FHFMA
  • Julie Meek, FHFMA
  • N’cole Merritt, CHFP
  • Kent Mosbrucker, CHFP
  • Thomas Muller, FHFMA
  • Pamela Nygaard, CHFP
  • Fannie Perry, CHFP
  • Karen Peterson, FHFMA
  • Sharon Phelps, CHFP, CPA
  • Karen Resquer Burnham, CHFP,CSBI
  • Victoria Ringness, CHFP
  • Michael Romine, CHFP, CPA
  • Catherine Rosynek, CHFP
  • James Rowson, FHFMA, CPA
  • Cindy Sherman, FHFMA
  • Lorraine Smith, CHFP
  • Smith, FHFMA, CIA, CISA
  • Courtney Stevenson, CHFP
  • Mindi Stuart, CHFP
  • Anthony Sudduth, CPA, FHFMA
  • Alexander Sung, CHFP,CRCR
  • Sarah Tallon, CHFP
  • Gregg Terreson, CPA,FHFMA
  • Joseph Vessey, CPA, MBA, CHFP
  • Cynthia Vidano, CHFP, CPA
  • Leslie Von Ravensberg, FHFMA, CPA
  • Catherine Wakefield, FHFMA, CPA
  • Rebecca Wetzler, CHFP
  • Robert Witter, FHFMA
  • Ian Worden, CPA, FHFMA

CHFP Certification New Program Highlights

HFMA’s strategic vision characterizes the current healthcare business environment as the transformation of care to achieve value. Providers, physicians, and payers are all confronted with new business challenges. The nature of the business environment and its impact on industry stakeholders supply both the demand for and elements of a new approach to the CHFP. The necessary success factor for finance professionals today: Change-oriented business acumen.

New CHFP program features

  • A learning program designed to build comprehensive industry understanding and sharpen business skills;
  • Two-module structure:
    1. HFMA’s Business of Health Care – Healthcare finance overview, risk mitigation, evolving payment models, healthcare accounting and cost analysis, strategic finance, and managing financial resources.
    2. HFMA’s Operational Excellence exam – Healthcare Industry Stakeholder’s Business Challenges; exercises and case studies on the application of business acumen in health care.
  • CHFP designation earned by successful completion of both modules;
  • Online study materials created specifically to assist in mastering the business content;
  • Module I and II exams are taken online (no need to travel to an exam site).

Earning the CHFP

The CHFP credential is awarded upon successful completion of Module I end of course assessment and Module II case study exercises and exam. HFMA membership is required for Module II.

CHFP Program Requirements and Costs

The new CHFP program includes two modules.

  • $400-Member, $450 Non-Member.
  • No prerequisites/requirements.
  • Exam comprised of 75 multiple choice questions; 90 minute time allotment for completion of exam.
  • $300- Member only.
  • There are 2 requirements to purchase this module- HFMA membership (excludes student members) and completion of Module I.
  • Exam comprised of 8 directed case studies with 7 questions each; 3 hour time allotment for completion of exam.

CHFP and FHFMA Certification Holders

Individuals who have earned the CHFP [and Fellowship] prior to 2015 are not affected. Also, the new CHFP and how the program integrates with the Fellowship (existing FHFMA) are not affected. Both programs are on the same “knowledge – competencies “continuum.

For more information, visit www.hfma.org/chfp or contact HFMA career services department at careerservices@nullhfma.org or (800) 252-4362.